Gregg Sulkin.

Does anybody with awesome photoshop skills and A LOT of free time wanna help out on this blog (since I’ve let it died) ?

Hey guys. Gregg got an instagram! Follow him at @greggsulkinofficial

The last one wasn’t my best. Here’s the sort of original
"I am thankful for my mom because I loved [acting]—I fell in love with being on sets and after that I became obsessed with being an actor. Plus I got to miss school, which was a lot of fun."
Full Interview
June 9, 2013 Children Mending Hearts Style
Troix Boys of Summer cover
"Gregg on if he wasn’t acting: ‘I’d like to own a football club and be involved with that. Help develop young kids fulfill their dreams.’"
And here he is in blue…
Original Pic
Original Pic
Original Pic

P.S. It’s Gregg’s birthday on May 29th.